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Mike Bloomberg: The Game Changer of Democrats

Mike Bloomberg though he slowly entered the race to win the Democratic nomination, has already shot down every election spending record spending around $31 million. But the choice of timing in claiming the Democratic Party’s nomination by the tycoon and 17 times richer (according to the list of Forbes) by current US President Donald Trump,

Benjamin Netanyahu: Too Cruel to Die Politically

The longest-running Prime Minister in Israel’s history, Benjamin Netanyahu, failed to obtain the much-needed Parliamentary support, with result to face three prosecutions for bribery, fraud and abuse of power equally. The fact that Benjamin Netanyahu is using a divisive word by imposing on his party (Likud) a hard right-wing line is due to the fact

The Verge of European’s People Party

Outgoing President of the European Council and former Polish Prime-Minister Donald Tusk will replace Frenchman Joseph Dal in the European People’s Party (EPP) leadership. This shows the ever-increasing political weight that the Nordic and Eastern member countries of the EU are gaining in the EPP. This is no coincidence since the new Eastern EU member

Bolivia: The Hybrid Coup and the problems that require urgent solutions

The resigning President of Bolivia Juan Evo Morales Αyma (2006-2019), he escaped from Bolivia, having primarily secured political asylum in Mexico and promising his followers that he would return to the country stronger despite the “coup” that the army did with the opposition  and always according to the words of Evo Morales. The army did

Policies to successfully tackle poverty in Malawi

The Malawi  which is located in South East Africa with a population of 18m is one of the poorest countries on the planet and since the  GDP  per  capita  for the vast majority of the inhabitants is less than $2 per day while a population of 6,7 million people is receiving humanitarian aid to survive.

No Hope of stopping War in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan continues unabated for the 18th consecutive year. Suicide attacks continue unabated. A figure of about fifty people in which civilians and Afghans soldiers are included dies every day in Afghanistan. Suicide attacks do not discriminate targeting both camps and mosques, schools, and all kinds of festive family events of the Afghan

The Legacy of Super Mario Draghi

Today and officially Mario Draghi delivers the leadership of the ECB to her new president, Christine Lagarde. The achievements of the “Super Mario” of this great ECB leader that functioned during his tenure as a new Charlemagne by ensuring that the euro area unity is implemented in its monetary policies, can be summarised in the

Policies to reduce Social-Economic Disparities in Chile

Chile’s authorities find it difficult to control the situation amid massive protests, looting, arson and violent incidents from Friday 18/10/2019 where the Chilean government announced the imposition of emergency measures for the most part of country for a period of 15 days. These measures include a curfew in the capital city of Santiago, urging citizens

The Introversion Policy of Germany

At the recent EU leaders’ summit, the surprise was not the decision to freeze EU accession talks with the countries of the Western Balkans-Albania and North Macedonia-a development that was expected, but Germany’s stance and particularly the stance of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Diplomatic sources say Chancellor Merkel does not seem to have given a major
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