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Civil War Images in the US

The Confederate flag (confederate flag in the American Civil War) arrived in the U.S. Capitol building, which never happened even during the American Civil War (1861-1865). The scenes referencing memories of the civil war in the US are due to the climax of the political “war” between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, resulting in the

Argentina Legalized Abortions

Argentina’s Senate, in a truly historic decision, voted by a majority on Wednesday, December 30, 2020 by a vote of 38 to 29 against, a bill that legalizes abortion until the 14th week of pregnancy and after more than twelve hours of sitting on the issue. The dominant role of the Catholic Church in Argentine

Italy-Spain: The ‘Tango’ of problems takes two

Both Italy and Spain, two EU member countries with both problems in dealing with the consequences (social and economic) of the Covid-19 pandemic (the number of deaths proportionally to their population )are very high while the fall in GDP for 2020 in both member countries is expected to be double digits.  by Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis

Difficulty in Opening Albania’s EU Accession Negotiations

The Commission may initially want to manage in a package the opening of the accession negotiations in Northern Macedonia and Albania, but this is also difficult given that Bulgaria is reacting strongly to the accession of Northern Macedonia, while for Albania there are member countries such as the Netherlands, the Nordic member countries and France

Europe’s Late Awakening Against Fundamentalist Islam

Perhaps the most targeted and highly graphic description of Islam is given in the book “The River War: An Account of the Request of the Sudan”, Dover Publications, written by one of the most iconic political figures in world history Sir Winston Churchill. I will quote below as is the passage in this book so

The “Red Dragon” (China) Grows Worldwide

While the Covid-19 pandemic was initiated by China (Wuhan Province) and it appeared that the Chinese government was taken by surprise, the subsequent successful management of the response to the pandemic strengthened Chinese citizens’ confidence in the communist regime of China, increased the national confidence and pride of the Chinese (always comparing it to the
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