The EU Economy versus risk-volatile International Environment

Following the completion of the Covid-19 vaccination program, the Commission expects an improvement in the economic environment and increased growth rates for the economy of both the euro area and the EU in a more general context. The crucial question on the table is whether any external factors can appear to challenge, jeopardising the economic

The EU’s Wrong Strategy towards China

The fact that the EU has not found a way to counter Chinese dynamics is purely due to EU distortions. Given that the Eurozone is made up of 19 member -countries which may have a common currency but at the same time quite different economic incentives and interests in relation to China and beyond, it

The Dangerous Middle East

What is happening today in the Middle East demonstrates how dangerous this region of the planet is by showing the world that at any time it can trigger an armed conflict. Religious differences remain in the popular classes and there are many religious fanatics. This means that “flammable material” in combination with the appropriate customs

War Between Kyrgyzstan on Tatzikistan

Last week’s clashes between civilians, border guards and troops from the states of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in Central Asia create the framework for a larger-scale war focusing on the long-running water dispute (Batken border zone). So, far the recent clashes have resulted in the deaths of more than 30 people, injuring 150 and displacing more

US & Russia Contradict Strategies End Up in Compromise in Ukraine Issue

In recent times the whole planet has been horrified by the rapid deployment of Russian forces near the border with Ukraine. But the folding of Russian troops was even faster following Russia’s decision to de-escalation of tension. Russia’s geographical advantage in this hotbed of tension has been instrumental in leading Russia once again in its

The Subject of Ukraine Creates Unrests in EU

The US under Joe Biden’s presidency is trying to curb Russia’s ambitions in Europe. The US strongly supports Ukraine, while pressuring Ukraine’s leadership to implement reforms in the economy and society, fight corruption and end the power of Ukrainian Oligarchs. In addition to its geo-strategic calculations, the US is fighting against free regimes, guaranteeing the

The Reasons Leading to War in Eastern Ukraine

Since the beginning of the new year (2021) there has been a continuous and escalating series of violations of the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine by both the Russian-speaking separatists of Donetsk and Lugansk and the Ukrainian army, creating an appropriate climate to increase the likelihood of both sides being involved in an open military confrontation.

Erdogan ‘Dictator’: Another Shameful Attitude Towards the EU

The fiasco that took place with Charles Michel-Ursula Von der Leyen’s visit to Turkey follows similar downward attitudes towards the EU, such as Josep Borell’s recent visit to Russia (see analysis entitled «How to Avoid A Repeat of a Devastating Visit by an EU High Representative for Foreign Policy to Russia»). From the Russian Foreign

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