Mate Movement In The Geopolitical Chessboard Or Non-Extreme Version For Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)?

President of Palestine Liberation Authority (PLO) Mahmoud Abbas issued an angry statement on Tuesday (May 19th) mentioned categorematically that «The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian state are now exempt from all agreements and negotiations with the US and Israeli governments, respectively». The decision, according to the Palestinian Authority President, came in response to

The New Government in Iraq shows the Road of Cooperation between US and Iran

Following six (6) months of non-governmental rule in Iraq, a new Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, has been appointed also by the Iranian-backed Shiite militia. The formation of this government was made possible after many months of negotiations between Iran and the United States. The rewards for both sides (US-Iran) are that the United States

Chinese Imperialism

The applied Chinese Communism, which is nothing more than the applied Marxism-Leninism, succeeded – through its most tragic failures in the first phases of its rule in China, and in 1949, after gaining power in China, faced the greatest famine in human history – to achieve longevity in power by proving that Communism of an

Weakening China’s Role in the Global Supply Chain

US President Donald Trump is promoting China’s isolation from global supply chains on his own initiative under the pretext of China’s malicious handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Under these US initiatives, the United States is given the opportunity to resume the processing operations of American companies back on American soil in every possible way. The

USA-INDIA: The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

US President Donald Trump’s recent visit (February 24-25, 2020) to India and Indian Prime Minister Narendra  Modi’s announcement that India will buy US military equipment totaling $3bn shows that the US and India are trying to tighten relations between them to limit the spread of Chinese influence in Asia and more specifically in the Indian

The Republic of Turkey: The Great Patient

Since 2018, the year of the re-election of Turkey’s current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish economy has entered a major crisis several times. Today, Turkey is once again in the throes of a new monetary crisis, forcing the Central Bank of Turkey to disburse huge amounts of its foreign exchange reserves daily to support

West-lessness and Emmanuel Macron’s Vision for a Sovereign Europe

The 56th International Security Conference (2020 Munich Security Conference) held in Munich from 14 February to 16 February 2020 highlighted the real rifts that exist in the Western camp. These rifts describe the situation that the West displays in the International Geopolitical scene with the new term West-lessness. In other words, West-lessness means weakening the

The Fragile future of Libya at the Berlin International Conference

Nine years after the outbreak of the Arab Spring (2011) that initially overturned Muammar Gaddafi and the outbreak of the civil war in Libya, the situation in the long-suffering country of North Africa has reached such a point that the internationally recognized government of Tripoli led by Fayez al-Saraz, who controls a small area around
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