The Split of NATO members

NATO’s seventy years birthday will be celebrated at the London summit in December, but not in a festive atmosphere as it will appropriate and given the criticism of French President Emmanuel Macron as to how he sees NATO’s function. Of course, President Macron particular criticism that NATO is “brain-dead” is based on the ever-increasing autonomy

Is it wrong the strategy of South Korea and USA equally against North Korea?

Since May until today, North Korea has been involved in testing three short-range ballistic missiles. On 3 October it triggered a mid-range ballistic missile between the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese Sea from an underwater vessel. On October 31 North Korea made a successful-always according to North Korea news agency-test of a launch system “multiple

Pax Russica in Syria and perhaps in the whole Middle East

The big winner in Syria appears to be Russia and the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The American promises made with the agreement between Michael Pence and Erdogan are of little importance given the withdrawal of US soldiers from Syria, indicating that the U.S. has been self-marginalized in the region without being able to change the

The future of the EU without the UK and the consequences for EU

The UK’s secession from the EU is an essential and huge-dimensional blow at both geopolitical and geo-strategic levels for the EU. The EU losing its ranks in the UK is essentially losing a member-country with a highly developed economy and a commercial capability that has one of the three most developed global financial systems, which

The New under formation Geopolitical Developments in the Middle East

Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria manages to unfold the entire strategy of the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean agenda. The US shift towards the Persian Gulf, strengthening their military presence in Saudi Arabia with an increasing number of fighter aircraft and personnel beyond 2000, manages to keep up the pressure on Iran, but ignoring the

Africa’s Agricultural Revolution is lagging behind

As the Earth’s population rises, the phenomenon of climate change has deteriorated due to the overconsumption of goods and mainly consumer products from industrial and technologically advanced countries. Developed and emerging economies have been reinforcing their annual overall production and productivity rather than theιρ occasional declining fluctuations in GDP and economic activity. As a result,
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