The Fragile future of Libya at the Berlin International Conference

Nine years after the outbreak of the Arab Spring (2011) that initially overturned Muammar Gaddafi and the outbreak of the civil war in Libya, the situation in the long-suffering country of North Africa has reached such a point that the internationally recognized government of Tripoli led by Fayez al-Saraz, who controls a small area around

USA vs Iran: The Shadow of Terror covers the Middle East Again

At the dawn of 2020, the US and Iran for the first time were involved in real fire using the national territory of Iraq as a battlefield and geo-strategic chessboard, leaving behind the secret war that was held between them so far in the entire Middle East. The extermination in Baghdad by the United States

The Correlation between Turkey’s Energy and Geopolitical Policy

Recent illegal Turkish hydrocarbon research in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and specifically in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus (EU) and the illegal establishment of an EEZ between Turkey and Libya that violates grossly International Law, causing friction with the neighboring countries of Turkey, while emitting Turkey as an international factor

The US Plan to change Borders in the Middle East

The region of the Middle East has always been in the spotlight and especially after the end of the Second World War, due to the national movements that led to the independence of the states of the region and because of its oil and commercial routes. In the current era when the riots continue in

The Split of NATO members

NATO’s seventy years birthday will be celebrated at the London summit in December, but not in a festive atmosphere as it will appropriate and given the criticism of French President Emmanuel Macron as to how he sees NATO’s function. Of course, President Macron particular criticism that NATO is “brain-dead” is based on the ever-increasing autonomy

Is it wrong the strategy of South Korea and USA equally against North Korea?

Since May until today, North Korea has been involved in testing three short-range ballistic missiles. On 3 October it triggered a mid-range ballistic missile between the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese Sea from an underwater vessel. On October 31 North Korea made a successful-always according to North Korea news agency-test of a launch system “multiple
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