9Μ730 Burevestnik-“SSC-X-9 Skyfall”: Havoc from Above

The Hitech world-class missile code named 9M730 Burevestnik with a global range with a nuclear charge is Russia’s new weapon that can scatter Armageddon anywhere on the planet; it has the ability to stay in flight for a very long time, even years, until it heads to its target. The Burevestnik is one of the

Tension grows in Korean ADIZ

The violation of the South Korean KADIZ-Korea Air Defense Identification Zone by Russian fighter jets and bombers respectively continues unabated. On August 19, 2020, six Russian aircraft violated KADIZ, resulting in them being intercepted by South Korean fighter jets. These Russian aircraft then continued to breach the Japanese Reconnaissance/Air Defence Zone, where they were also

The World Avant-Garde of Russia and China in Multisonic Weapons

At the beginning of August, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (2012 – present) once again boasted over the last two years about the multi-sounding missiles and in general the technological achievements of the Russian Aerospace Industry that will gradually equip Russian warships in the coming years. Multi-sounding Russian weapons will be capable of carrying nuclear

The Candidate Fighter Jets for Canada

The Royal Canadian Air Force has launched the competition to replace its CF-18 fighter jets to date; this program defines the purchase of eighty-eight (88) fighters, with the first deliveries expected in 2025, at a cost of about $14bn. During the evaluation of the participating fighters, the Royal Canadian Air Force will consider 60% of
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