Joint Research Station between Russia and China on the Moon

The Chinese National Space Agency CNSA and the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos signed an understanding agreement to develop together a research station on the Moon. This station can be located either on the moon’s soil or orbiting the Moon or both. In these research stations the two countries will jointly develop a wide range of

Mi6 and Blackrock Mercenary Duel against Wagner’s Russians in Eastern Ukraine

Russia has already launched hybrid warfare operations by sending Wagner’s Russian mercenaries to the Eastern Ukraine front against the Ukrainians. Hybrid warfare has many peculiarities in relation to the classic war making it complex and multidimensional. In return, the West is sending to the front hardline members of British MI6 who, along with Blackrock’s mercenaries,

US Carrier Strike Group and How Russia Hopes to Cope with its Power

The US Carrier Strike Group (CSG) is the most powerful weapon in the US, with its capability projecting an unparalleled firepower across all seas of the planet causing terror to US adversaries. The CSG consists of a formation of surface vessels and under surface vessels. The formation of the CGS includes an aircraft carrier, a

The Selection of the New Frigates of the Hellenic Navy

The Greek government (2019-present) has selected the competition for the selection of the construction of four new frigates for the Hellenic Navy that will be accompanied by the modernization of four existing German MEKO frigates already available to the Hellenic Navy and the provision of an interim solution (two frigates) until the four MEKO frigates

The Role of Private Military & Security Contractor in the Modern Battlefield

The term PMSC (Private Military & Security Contractor) defines international operations offering violence services by military or paramilitary means. The institution of mercenary armies has existed since antiquity and PMSC companies are essentially a modern development. PMSC companies are belonged into the following main categories: 1. Traditional mercenaries that operate independently and rarely. They are

New Variant of British Armour Causes ‘Headache’ in Rivals

As part of the “Hide, Deceive, survive” programme, the new “digital type” variant of the new generation MCDG 5 (Multi-Coloured Digital Camouflage Five) was tested by the British Army with amazing results. More specifically, the MCDG 5 is reminiscent of “broken” pixels on a computer screen, making it 80% more difficult to visually detect vehicles

AH-64E Guardian Apache: The Australian Army’s New Offensive Helicopter

The Australian Ministry of Defence announced that it had selected American Boeing and the AH-64E Guardian Apache as the Australian Army’s new offensive helicopter as part of the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) program. The new helicopters will replace twenty-two (22) in-service EC-6G5 Tiger from 2025 onwards. In total Australia will acquire 29 A-64E Guardian Apache,

New Weapons Unveiled by North Korea

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported On Friday, January 8, 2020, that the military parade held at the end of the party’s eighth historic Congress presented a new advanced weapons system including two missiles that had never been presented. The new weapons systems The first and foremost weapon system reported by the KCNA is

The New Headquarters of the U.S. Space Administration

The town of Huntsville in the State of Alabama was permanently chosen for its seat by the US Space Administration in a process in which many States of America fiercely competed to acquire it. The reasons were obvious where they hoped that the winner of the competition in addition to the jobs would also boost

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