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Policies to successfully tackle poverty in Malawi

The Malawi  which is located in South East Africa with a population of 18m is one of the poorest countries on the planet and since the  GDP  per  capita  for the vast majority of the inhabitants is less than $2 per day while a population of 6,7 million people is receiving humanitarian aid to survive.

The Sustainable Solution for the Eurozone (EU) Economy-Part IV

The introduction of operational in practice rules to tackle unemployment across the Eurozone/EU as a whole, will take place in this fourth and final part (Part IV) of this series of analyses. In addition, we will present the appropriate organizational structure for the fiscal framework proposed by us in the euro area, which has not

The Sustainable Solution for the Eurozone (EU) Economy-Part III

The downsizing of public sector expenditures in central government budgets will must be done by a specific methodology and depending on the range-size of the public sector of the Eurozone (EU) member country.  The policies in order to reduce government spending in the budgets of the central governments of the Eurozone member countries The budgetary

The Sustainable Solution for the Eurozone (EU) Economy-Part II

The European Commission and in general the EU rightly has set specific fiscal limits on the budgets of the member states of the Eurozone through the: 1. Treaty of the European Union, Feb. 1992, widely known as the Maastricht Treaty-December, 1991 (Source׃ EU, 29/7/2015, Brussels_Luxemburg 1992), 2. and the Stability and Growth Pact (November,

The Sustainable Solution for the Eurozone (EU) Economy- Part I

The Eurozone economy in recent years has faced the problem of permanent deflation. The deflation is occurred as a result of the low levels of overall demand in the economy. The low levels of global demand in addition to the Eurozone overall demand also characterize the global economy (2019). As a result of these inadequate

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