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Digitization is the Future for Culture After the Pandemic

Since the start of the implementation of measures to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, measures such as generalised economic and labour lockdown respectively as well as social distancing, all kinds of artistic spaces in which citizens gather to take part in artistic events as spectators or visitors e.g. theatres, opera houses, cinemas, concert venues, museums, etc.

Measuring the Cultural Footprint of the Cities of Europe

The European Commission in its effort to provide a solid comparison and documentation tool so that European cities can exploit culture with aim to achieve economic growth, social cohesion and social well-being created the European Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor (Index). In this way, European cities and local governments in general can understand and distribute

City Branding: How a city can maximize its wealth generated

The increased competition on an individual, business and national level could not leave competition between cities unaffected. A competition that is constantly increasing in the effort to attracting all kinds of investors and especially tourists who, apart from all others, increase the size and improvement of the services offered by a city. City branding is

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