The Environmental Burden due to the Difficulty of Recycling Smart Devices

In the past decade, the environmental burden of Third world countries from the export of electronic waste, such as electronic devices, computer monitors and electronic circuits, has created serious problems both in the health of the inhabitants of these countries and their environment. At the end of this decade the problem continues but, in another

The Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare service

As the increase in the expectancy of people’s lives increases, the cost of public expenditure of the states directed towards citizens’ healthcare is increasing at the same time.  On the other hand, it is constantly accelerating and the evolution of technology with the technology of artificial intelligence to be the crowning of this evolution. The

In what ways you will give more speed to your PC

With the passage of time and the faster computers become slower. For this reason, there are some solutions that if implemented you can give back in your PC its lost speed. Reasons for the lost speed of PC over time are internet browsing, program add-in & removals equally, possible open applications on the computer that

The Basic Theories that Improved the Life of Mankind

In today’s day every citizen of a country (at least every citizen of the countries of the West and not only them) uses in their everyday life and generally in the course of their lifetime knowledge offered by certain people and which Knowledge has been transformed into devices and works that are the modern culture

How is achieved the Digital Shielding of a Country and a Company

In this day and age, a country’s cyber-security in protecting its companies and organizations identified as critical infrastructures is the cornerstone for this country to achieve its full transition to the digital age and in such a way that can be fully protected from the action of malicious and directed cyber  lone wolves or cyber

The growing propaganda through social media and the role of the cyber troops

In a world that is increasingly based on the rapid transfer of information across the planet and mainly through social  media  which give everyone the opportunity to access and create information, it would be impossible for this press technology for the low-cost transmission of information to not attract the attention of states and their Governments

The 4th Industrial Revolution, the 5G Networks and the Technological War

The 4th Industrial Revolution is at the gates of the societies of developed countries. The 5th generation mobile networks or 5g will cause giant jumps of progress in wireless technology and will change people’s lives fundamentally. The battle between the US and China through the trade war and the blockade of Huawei-the Chinese telecom giant-from
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