Central Information Fusion Systems: The New Generation of Citizen Monitoring

Tech giants such as Motorola, Cisco, Microsoft and Palantir sell “Information Fusion Systems” to governments around the globe. These “Information Fusion Systems” can directly integrate monitoring data from thousands of different sources, and this has completely transformed the way law enforcement is conducted. How this information is accumulated As you drive to work or school

The First Colonies in Space

The colonization of space by man is now an expected event. It is now something that is achievable and an event that today’s generations of people will see implemented in the coming decades. But why humanity is not already installed in space has a simple answer. Because the right investments had not been made until

Cyber Attack Protection Guide

The digital “defense-in-depth” terminology includes all actions and activities to effectively protect information systems from cyberattacks and demonstrates practical actions to limit and counter the most common types of attacks on systems, applications, and the internet. In our current analysis we will present this guide of how to protect your enterprise or organization against cyber-attacks

The Definitive Loss of Privacy in Telecommunications

There is always a price to pay when we achieve a goal from the evolution of technology. In this case it is true that the price is that modern societies are being held hostage to a significant if not to a maximum extent by these technological developments; In order to answer this question we need

The Use of Digital Tracking in the Fight Against the Spread of Coronavirus

The European Parliament and EU last week issued a framework aimed at restarting the tourism industry during the critical summer period, but at the same time protecting populations in its member countries by using the digital tracking of potential Coronavirus carriers (Covid-19) (Source: European Parliament, 29649384_EN.pdf). The purpose of this reference framework is to

In their Limits, Broadband Networks Worldwide

The forced quarantine due to the pandemic of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and the incarceration of people in their homes by maximizing the use of teleworking service, sharply increase the requirements of fixed and mobile networks. The fact that teleworking is carried out from the premises of houses which to date do not have a sophisticated and

The Quantum Computer outside of Laboratory Boundaries

Quantum computers outside of laboratory boundaries will give global supremacy to the country that will be able to build them first. This global excellence and supremacy will be universal and in almost all areas (economic, commercial, geopolitical, defence-security, etc.). The global technology titan called Google, three months ago, announced that it is turning its efforts

The Environmental Burden due to the Difficulty of Recycling Smart Devices

In the past decade, the environmental burden of Third world countries from the export of electronic waste, such as electronic devices, computer monitors and electronic circuits, has created serious problems both in the health of the inhabitants of these countries and their environment. At the end of this decade the problem continues but, in another

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