The World Avant-Garde of Russia and China in Multisonic Weapons

At the beginning of August, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (2012 – present) once again boasted over the last two years about the multi-sounding missiles and in general the technological achievements of the Russian Aerospace Industry that will gradually equip Russian warships in the coming years. Multi-sounding Russian weapons will be capable of carrying nuclear

The Candidate Fighter Jets for Canada

The Royal Canadian Air Force has launched the competition to replace its CF-18 fighter jets to date; this program defines the purchase of eighty-eight (88) fighters, with the first deliveries expected in 2025, at a cost of about $14bn. During the evaluation of the participating fighters, the Royal Canadian Air Force will consider 60% of

EU vs. Apple

The European Court of Justice in its judgment of 15 July 2020 ruled that the evidence provided by the European Commission was insufficient to show that Apple benefited from an artificial reduction in the tax rate in 2014, thus annulling the Commission’s mandate to Apple to pay in Ireland – a member state of the

Exhibition Article for the Week 6 August – 12 August 2020

On this page of our site we will present the most interesting exhibitions in our opinion that take place in the specific week in the museums of the world. Exhibitions that all interested art lovers are required to know. Art is a huge mosaic spanning from prehistory to the present day. It accompanies man from

Recommended Books Article for the Week 6 August – 12 August 2020

On this page of our site we will present every week the most interesting publications in our opinion that take place in the world. Publications that all interested book and reader lovers are required to know. We introduce publications in the Humanities (Social) sciences as well as in Sciences, literature class respectively etc. “Transference: The

The Greatest Fiscal Deal in History

The decision of the Brussels summit is historic given that European leaders have agreed to borrow together on an unprecedented scale for historical data. On 21 July, after five days of continuous consultations, European leaders (27) decided to strengthen the euro and sink spreads, creating a climate of euphoria for investors. However, doubts remain as

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in the post Covid-19 Era

The epitome of capitalism is the giant Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), which, in addition to being necessary, are vital because they lead to the organic growth of companies and the redefinition of their strategy. During the Covid-19 pandemic and the implementation of their response measures in developed economies, M&A followed the trend of the time

The Resilience Of The Philippine Economy

The Philippine economy has so far shown a high degree of resilience to the economic crisis that has hit the planet, both in developed economies and in the economies of developing countries due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The stability of the Philippine currency against the $USD shows its due to the truth as to the

Why Investments In Gold And Copper Are Huge Wins

Usually the price of gold rises and the price of copper follows the opposite path. The factor that determines the price of gold is the state of a country’s economy but also in today’s world economy. When the economy is in recession, the price of gold rises. In growth the price of gold is falling.
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