What Degree of Communism Characterizes China?

The Chinese Communist Party, with ninety-two (92) million members, manages and controls the world’s second largest economy. It was the President of China and great reformer Deng Xiaoping (1979) who, with the support of the great neoliberal economist Milton Friedman, opened China’s markets to the Capitalist world, erasing Mao Zedong’s ideologies about Cultural Revolution (The

The Cuban Economic Crisis and the Woes of the Cuban People

The toughness of the US embargo has pushed the Cuban economy to its limits. On July 11, thousands of Cubans took part in unprecedented anti-government demonstrations. Shortages of basic goods led to these demonstrations. A speech by Cuban President Miguel-Diaz Cannel has led thousands of voters to demonstrate in defense of the “Revolution”. Revolution is

Tough Challenge for South Africa

Dozens of people have been killed in violent protests and looting since former South African President Jacob Zuma was sentenced to life in prison by the country’s Constitutional Court. The more the government fails to enforce the law, the more likely it is that democratic institutions will not be able to stand it, and the

Upcoming US Inflation Rise Will Reduce Consumer Income

Economists know that after a sharp drop in demand levels that these large amounts of declining demand are only caused by wars or global epidemics, inflation is the indicator size that will rise after the end of the problem due to declining demand. drastically reducing any disposable income of consumers-citizens. This is due to four

Pacific Iron 2021-The US Answer to China

Twenty-five (25) F-22 Raptor aircraft have been deployed to the Guam and Tinian Islands by the USAF, sending a message of strength and deterrence to the United States to China. The reason for the development of the F-22 Raptor is the exercise “Pacific Iron 2021- A Dynamic force employment operation to project forces” which is

Speeder- The Flying Motorcycle

The American company Jetpack Aviation built and started the tests of a highly revolutionary in design and technology new flying vehicle. This vehicle can reach a height of 15 thousand feet and move at speeds of 460 km/hr. The Speeder as the vehicle is called, to be sold in the world markets, will have to

Proposed Exhibitions for the Week 22 July – 28 July 2021

On this page of our website, we will present the most interesting exhibitions in our opinion that take place in the specific week in the museums of the world. Exhibitions that all interested art lovers are required to know. Art is a huge mosaic spanning from prehistory to the present day. It accompanies man from

Recommended Books Article for the Week 22 July – 28 July 2021

On this page of our site, we will present every week the most interesting publications in our opinion that take place in the world. Publications that all interested book and reader lovers are required to know. We introduce publications in the Humanities (Social) sciences as well as in sciences, literature class respectively etc. ·         “The

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