The Subject of Ukraine Creates Unrests in EU

The US under Joe Biden’s presidency is trying to curb Russia’s ambitions in Europe. The US strongly supports Ukraine, while pressuring Ukraine’s leadership to implement reforms in the economy and society, fight corruption and end the power of Ukrainian Oligarchs. In addition to its geo-strategic calculations, the US is fighting against free regimes, guaranteeing the

The Reasons Leading to War in Eastern Ukraine

Since the beginning of the new year (2021) there has been a continuous and escalating series of violations of the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine by both the Russian-speaking separatists of Donetsk and Lugansk and the Ukrainian army, creating an appropriate climate to increase the likelihood of both sides being involved in an open military confrontation.

The Leader of a Business

Business leaders are always invited to define the future vision for the company they run, to solve immediate problems whenever and when they arise and of course to be interested not only in the proper functioning and productivity of the company but also in producing the required results that they have set or have been

Joint Research Station between Russia and China on the Moon

The Chinese National Space Agency CNSA and the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos signed an understanding agreement to develop together a research station on the Moon. This station can be located either on the moon’s soil or orbiting the Moon or both. In these research stations the two countries will jointly develop a wide range of

Joe Biden ‘forgot’ American Youth

Joe Biden seems determined to lead the US into the future by driving bold fiscal policies they have achieved in the past. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, which drove the country away from the abyss of the Great Recession in the 1930s, then cost $41.7bn with a flashback and included inflation between then and

Super Mario Draghi’s use of the term Dictator for Erdogan

Mario Draghi’s direct use of the term “dictator” for Turkish President Erdogan has been voiced by many Europeans. The anger at the symbolic demotion suffered by the President of the Commission, and in her face by all the women of the world, during her visit to the Palace of the Turkish President represents all European

Left Party’s First Time Winning Greenland Elections

With all votes counted, the Left-wing Inuit Atagatigiit Party (IA) received 37.42%, defeating the ruling Socialist Siumut Party securing 30.10% of the electorate. (see table below of the election results that took place on 6 April 2021). The IA jumped 11 points compared to the results of the 2018 election. The IA’s main political agenda

Erdogan ‘Dictator’: Another Shameful Attitude Towards the EU

The fiasco that took place with Charles Michel-Ursula Von der Leyen’s visit to Turkey follows similar downward attitudes towards the EU, such as Josep Borell’s recent visit to Russia (see analysis entitled «How to Avoid A Repeat of a Devastating Visit by an EU High Representative for Foreign Policy to Russia»). From the Russian Foreign

The Social Capital

“Social Capital” is defined as the networks of interpersonal relationships that connect people with convergent values and aspirations, cooperation, reciprocity, and trust. Strong social capital is linked to societies of cohesion and prosperity, developed public goods and advanced democratic institutions. Robert D. Putnam in his scientific article “Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital”, Journal of

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